A Weekend Party

Homeschool Bytes hosts this week’s Carnival of Homeschooling – Party Edition .  Go visit the party of ideas and thoughts.

We will be working on baby chick preparations this weekend.  15 eggs were gathered up from our nests and cozied up in the incubator.  We candled them at 6 days and they all looked viable. That’s a celebration, considering we’ve had a difficult time keeping the heat at a constant 99.5 degrees in our battered incubator.  How does an incubator get battered covered up on a basement shelf for a year? Must have been some party  or….the ride up was traumatic. It’s a mystery.

The University of Illinois Extension has a nice website explaining the growth progress for the 21 day incubation. 

The Timing of Major Embryonic Developments 

The little critters should be working on their feathers now.

Despite the great efforts making our chicken tractor that served well as a chick brooder, we’re looking at a new idea that’s been around for decades.  Robt Plamondon has created a wonderful chicken site,  and shared his studies::

We’ve been rediscovering the old-time American free-range poultry methods developed during poultrykeeping’s Golden Age between 1900 and 1960. We read pretty much the entire collection of ancient poultry books and magazines in Oregon State University’s Valley Library, and tried or adapted as many of these as possible. We’ve put our findings up on this site.

I love simplicity, especially when it comes to animal care, and this brooder is basic and brilliant. 


New Electric Lamp Brooder






Moving along from chicken coops to homeschool co-ops, the Chicago Tribune had this article a few days ago:

Co-op creates community for home-schooled kids

 It has the usual auto-feed about homeschooling being started by white Christian conservatives, etc- that "home-schooling parents said" – but I still enjoy reading different homeschool family stories, so I’ll stop being a crank about this article.

Enjoy the weekend.  We’ll be moving some muck out of the chicken house and into our compost pile for the decomposition party.  Can’t wait to see the results of that  magnificent muddle.


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