SusanWe have 6 kids in our little clan. The family farm serves as headquarters surrounded by corn, soybeans and all the creatures that hang about. We’ve tried out various forms of education for our kids and homeschooling fits like a glove. That’s the life for us even as the kids venture out doing this or that with other education methods. We are very grateful to live in Illinois as it is a wonderful state to homeschool in freedom. Our plan is to keep it that way. 

I’m passionate about that pureness of every family’s characteristics or ‘style’ not being invaded or affected in a negative way by ‘experts’ or ‘the authorities’. I treasure our freedoms and the abilities to not be standardized into what someone else thinks we should be. Monitoring the ‘powers that be’ and their asserted will/votes is one of the ways we do that. Along with the blessing of enjoying a good quantity of time with our family.

About that picture on the home page.  Those are our always homeschoooled, identical twin boys now attending college.  (I’m sure they would make a wonderful case study somewhere.)  

They were transfixed by their grandpa parking the John Deere in the ‘garage’.  Grandpa was the be-all and the end-all to all things wonderful and good with his big, noisy toys.  He’s probably still their be-all and end-all, and we’re glad we can share our lives on the family (~150 years) farm. 

That’s corn in the background on the best, black soil in the world.   (AND of the utmost importance, the cloth diapers are not drooping dirty, they’re drooping because the velcro wouldn’t stay stuck. )

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