Adults Can, Kids Can’t

Choose their own medical care.  And when needed the very most; sick kids run the real risk of losing their family.  From beautiful little Chincoteague Island:

Teen refuses court-ordered test to check cancer status

NORFOLK – Fifteen-year-old Abraham Starchild Cherrix never intended to challenge the medical establishment when he refused chemotherapy earlier this year.

He simply believed the treatment was poisoning him, rather than saving him from Hodgkin’s disease. What he wanted was a more natural approach, which he sought through an alternative treatment clinic in Tijuana, Mexico.

That decision has led to a courtroom battle, accusations of parental neglect and the possibility of being removed from his Chincoteague home.

Chincoteaugue has a special place in our hearts as we spent a lot of time on the mudflats, on Assateague, and at Mr. Whippy).  It felt like home with the friendly folks there.  Dillon joined a soccer camp at the last minute.  He made friends with another homeschooler there (who happened to be very cute too.)  Her mom (who ran a surf shop) noted that there were a lot of homeschoolers there. They certainly had a lot to take advantage of learning-wise with the wildlife refuge, Wallops Island, et al. 

One of the things that most homeschoolers know how to do is research and do some critical thinking.  Abraham is sick, his parents are trying to find the best way to get rid of this cancer as they live with him and watch what is working and not.  But the State Knows Best?! 

So did the oncologist or the hospital, (who are suspected of reporting the family to Social Services), consider the emotional and potential physical damage for this 15 year old as he fights lymphoma AND fights to stay with his family?  Primum non nocere   (And what can we say about not being able to face your accuser with the legal protections of remaining anonymous? Shame!)

I was wondering and still do if this was about the family homeschooling. As I searched, I see that Katie Wernecke , who is suffering from Hodgkin’s Disease also has to undergo the same emotional and physical invasions from the State.  Katie and her family do not homeschool, but she and her 3 brothers became wards of the state because of their family decision for Katie’s care. 

This is a parental rights issue that does include homeschoolers.  Frightening, but not surprising information here:

Why are the doctors doing this, Katie appears to be part of a study where they allocate kids randomly to one treatment, say standard Chemo + Radiation, and Chemo only in the other treatment. Parents are not informed of this. They are doing research on our kids. Collecting research money from the drug companies I guess. Dr. Alter said before " I don’t need your permission to do it." This is wrong. Parents (should) have a right to choose the best medical treatment for their child.

Parents are NOT informed of this.  I’ll note Vaccination Nation‘s article and the historical (and legal) marking of the post WWII Nuremburg Code again.  Judy Aron’s concerns about our government intrusions seems timely, as well.  Barbara Loe Fisher, president and co-founder of the National Vaccine Information Center in Vienna, Va points this out about the Nuremburg Code’s intentions to prevent future encroachments of ‘experiments’:

The Nuremberg Code was developed after scientific experiments were carried out by the Germans on individuals who were physically or mentally handicapped, or suffered serious diseases. “The first principle of the Nuremberg Code is, `The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential,’ ” Fisher said. “This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent … and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision.”

It’s not really about the kids?  Unfortunately, extinguishing parental oversight doesn’t seem to be a fluke.   When Parker Jensen’s parents wanted a second opinion after a chemotherapy recommendation for bone cancer, the State of Utah took over to the point that federal kidnapping charges were part of the picture  for his parents.  They’re suing the hospital.  Parker’s father said:

"We didn’t know that when we took our child to the hospital that we would lose our right to decide what is best for our child."

Who would? 

Katie, Parker, and Abraham along with too many others; God Bless you and your families and there will always be a prayer for you.


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