An Evening with the Illinois Homeschool PAC

I am looking forward to this so much.  

ThatMom, Karen Campbell and I agreed this will be much more enjoyable than sitting in an Illinois Senate Hearing Room knowing the vast majority of your homeschooling compadres were stuck outside the room with no means to listen to their legislative representatives, nor our state employees' opinions about our freedoms.  I would have been fine with my tax money dispensed for more transparency and communication means.  A speaker system or podcasts or transcripts are not a new-fangled thing in other states' Capitols.  

But we're in Illinois.  One of our remaining freedoms in this state are educational freedoms and some of our powerful opponents are giving it a go to take those away.  

I hope there are many in Canton at this Evening with the Illinois Homeschool PAC.  The PAC enjoys grassroots support from many.  It will be a pleasure to meet in person on August 4th.

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