Learning from Homeschool Success

Good school teachers could only be envious of the advantages homeschoolers have in the art of education.  We have a cozy view of our children's interests, strengths and weaknesses.  Solutions to any learning problems can be directly applied in day … Continue reading

Homeschoolers Already Know Education Reimagined

Many homeschoolers already knew about Khan Academy. The media has discovered Salman Khan and they seem to like him. Homeschoolers have to be thrifty and we're usually on the cutting edge using and communicating useful educational resources. It didn't take long for Khan … Continue reading

Testing Homeschool Knowledge

Our home educated kids get quizzed on math problems at Sunday orThanksgiving dinner in most disproportionate numbers compared to their public schooled friends and family.  Fortunately, homeschoolers tend to be wonderfully social animals and we politely deal with the rudeness. … Continue reading

What is suspicion when it comes to checking on homeschoolers

"The real question is determining the authority to inquire what is reasonable cause of truancy and what is suspicion when it comes to checking on homeschoolers," Maloney said. That was a quote from the Illinois Review's interview with Senator Maloney.  … Continue reading