Book Busting

From Mississippi and journalist – Reina Kempt:

Cole and Robin Rutherford believe the capabilities of a child’s mind are highly underestimated.

That’s why the coupler prefers to homeschool their two children, Selina, 4, and Quintin, 1.

Selina loves to read, besides being infatuated with the Ghostbusters. Fortunately, her parents equipped her with the right tools to catch Marshmallow Man (her baby brother).

Cole said his ultimate goal is to make learning fun for his children.

“We want to enable her to do what she is capable of doing,” Cole said. “We don’t want to push too hard or too fast, but we want her to reach her full potential.”

Enabling capabilities is the way to go.  No Common Core or preschool attendance for these little ones.  They’re just loving life with their family.

Read more book bustin’ in the Natchez Democrat.

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