Brand Spankin’ New Alliance

I’m excited and hopeful! Here’s an announcement from Helen Hegener about this new coalition. 

Check it out!

 Stillwater Homeschool Alliance 

Building Understanding and Perspective

The Stillwater Homeschool Alliance is the result of ongoing conversations between hundreds of homeschoolers over the span of several years.

The Alliance was developed as a much-needed forum for supporting grassroots homeschooling advocacy and to provide homeschooling-specific information to those seeking it. The mission of the Alliance is to build an association of homeschoolers to work on issues directly related to advocacy, building on our individual talents and our unique experiences as homeschoolers. Empowerment to advocate both individually and cooperatively on our own behalf is key to sustaining and, in some cases, reclaiming homeschooling freedoms, thereby promoting a more informed, cohesive, and effective homeschooling community.

The Alliance will work toward the development of a broad-based international coalition of individuals, support groups, businesses, organizations and other entities which support the long-term interests of the homeschool movement.

The Alliance will also work toward the founding of The Stillwater Institute for Homeschooling Research and Studies, which will seek to inform legislators, educators, media reporters, legal professionals, researchers and others with a bona fide interest in homeschooling via position statements, news releases, white papers, opinion pieces and more.

The Alliance list traffic is already very heavy, but preferences can be set to receive a weekly newsletter update. For more information about the Stillwater Homeschool Alliance click on the link below:

To join the discussion group via email send a blank email message to:

Thank you for your interest and your support!

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