Homeschool Teens Don’t Have Sleep Problems Schooled Teens Endure

National Jewish Health posted a press release on their latest sleep study.  Maybe the school powers-that-be will pay attention. Study: Homeschool Students Sleep Better Research supports later start times for high school The Press Release says: DENVER, CO – March 6, 2013 — In the … Continue reading

Illinois Homeschool Issues

Karen Campbell invited me to speak at the annual Treasures of a Mother's Heart Retreat last fall.  The retreat and lunch were lovely, as well as the intelligent and kind company.  I had the pleasure of meeting Karen and other delightful, enlightened homeschoolers a couple … Continue reading

Illinois Kindergarten Should Be Parental Choice, Not the Chicago Way

Kindergarten, Not Second Grade, Could Be Starting Point For IL Schools | Chicago Tonight | WTTW WTTW‘s Michael Lipkin interviewed the Senate Education Committee‘s Vice Chair, Assistant Majority Leader and Chicago Senator Kimberly Lightford. The time was mostly spent covering the revived SB … Continue reading

Virginia Senators Turn Down Roomful of Hopeful Kids

There have been many times I've been in our Springfield Capitol building where kids are roaming the expansive, marble-filled hallways and gathering for a rally under the rotunda.  Adults and teens bused (not always the big, yellow one) to support … Continue reading