My Favorite

  Harvest Morning     Former Expectations and Edicts from USDA – 1917 Some voices are comforting and Paul Harvey's radio voice is a soother for me.  I listened to him in the truck riding to the farmer-owned grain elevator … Continue reading

Off the Grid

The Kellogg family of 14 now follows kayak trails and events across the country with the use of a 35 foot RV on the road. The video below makes me smile and brings back mom memories deciphering the chaotic levels … Continue reading

Laughable Reasons to Keep Homeschoolers Out

I had to laugh when I read the Buffalo News article about New York's Iroquois School Board policy decision to exclude homeschoolers from their public school activities.  I'm a bit ambivalent about mixing the two in my state – noting that too … Continue reading

John Holt Book

A free John Holt book Escape From Childhood: The Needs And Rights Of Children is available for download on Pat Farenga's site. This Kindle book is only available until midnight tonight. An excerpt: No human right, except the right to life itself, is … Continue reading