Choosing to Homeschool

The Sioux City Journal posted a Brent Hoffman column: THE REGULARS: Growing number of American parents choose to homeschool:

Make no mistake, homeschooling works, and it works not because of governmental bureaucracy and accreditation standards, but in spite of it. It works because it places responsibility for the education, nurturing and growth of children squarely in the hands of the parents.

When you consider that homeschool parents spend an average of $500 to $600 a year on each student in comparison to $9,000 to $10,000 for each government school student in the United States, the academic results are astounding. Essentially, homeschool parents are paying less to educate their own children than they spend to educate someone else’s children in the government school system.

Whatever thread a homeschooling family makes up in the vibrant, varied tapestry our community enfolds, many agree government oversight is not a help in our home education pursuits.  It appears Mr. Hoffman – former Sioux City Council member, Pentagon 9/11 survivor and widower – is a homeschool dad enjoying the time, for one – “Hugging your kids while you take turns reading a good book.”   From Dave Madsen at NewsNetNebraska:

These days, thanks to his military retirement and a successful real estate business, Hoffman has the financial means to be able to spend time working on a biography about his wife. He calls it a tribute to her, dedicated to his kids. “I’m writing it so one of her friends, or any of the people who knew her might be inspired by reading it,” he says. As he has done for several years, he plans to take his children to California this winter, where he will home school them…another example of his devotion to the kids.

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