Conflicted Educators Homeschool

Fortunately, there are wonderful alternatives to public and private schools wrapping their budgets and curriculum around the latest new thang – the federalized Common Core initiatives.  One New York principal understands the conflict, as schools are losing their own controls and standards. He’s able to take his little boy’s education home.

The Albany Time Warner Cable News station reported on the Farley family’s decision.

Local principal pulls child out of school due to Common Core By Madeleine Rivera

“When we ask him, how was your day? Boring. We say, what’s wrong with it? I don’t like it. I don’t want to go to school,” said Tim Farley, his father.

It sounds like a typical complaint for kids. But, his father, says the roots of John’s problems go much deeper, tracing to the classroom and the newly-instituted Common Core.

“As an educator, it breaks my heart. My wife is a former educator, it breaks her heart,” he said.

Farley says he constantly sees students struggle over the Common Core. He’s a principal at a local school.

“Sometimes, it takes you several minutes just to figure out what the question is asking. And, they force you into a cookie cutter approach of solving a problem,” he said.

Farley said the state legislative changes to the Common Core plans weren’t enough.  Like many professional educators and other families, his son will be homeschooled next year because his first job is to protect his children.

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