Contact Representatives to Stop Common Core

Contact your Representative and ask them to support Representative Kay’s Bill HR 543 calling for a delay of the implementation of Common Core Standards until there is a study showing the costs associated with Common Core.  The hearing is today, starting at 8 am.

From Stop Common Core Illinois:

“In 2010, Illinois became one of 48 states to opt for Common Core by accepting federal funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and through the Race to the Top Initiative of the Federal Government. Over the next few years the Common Core Standards, which are largely untested in the United States, will substantively change the educational standards for students in Illinois, thus affecting every teacher and student in the state.
The only substantive cost analysis of the implementation of the Common Core Standards was conducted by the Pioneer Institute, a non-partisan, privately funded research organization which estimates the financial impact for Illinois to be close to $773 million over seven years. Moreover, there are many school districts which lack the technology, infrastructure and funding needed to purchase new textbooks and computers in order to comply with Common Core.”

Common Core State Standards are the newest in federal education strategies.  This Initiative was started up in 2009 by the National Governors Association hope of solidifying a preschool to higher education  “seamless pathway” into the workforce. The question raised by opponents is whether this is a seemly effort or just an extremely promising business prospect for a few.

This culmination of a decades-long determination from both major political party leaders seems to be a model not necessarily focused on quality education. Various well-funded companies, including software, educational testing and assessment companies, have an interest in this effort.  These Standards have been adopted in forty-five states, the District of Columbia, four territories, and the Department of Defense Education program.  But privacy invasion, along with the well-funded lobby requesting more formal testing and assessment requirements for those younger and older than state compulsory attendance ages have initiated grassroots Stop Common Core efforts by alarmed parents and teachers, including homeschoolers.

A ceaseless appetite for student data and the resulting personal details drives a good part of the Common Core State Standards Initiative.  A powerful combination of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Carnegie Corporation of New York, along with a Rupert Murdoch-owned subsidiary funded the inBloom database set up, which is a cornerstone for this effort. The database even uses children’s Social Security numbers as one piece of data mining.  Once these and other particulars came to light, opposition took off in most states.

Homeschoolers should take note of the increased centralizing of the public education system.  Our individual states have different home education rights and responsibilities. Some states have minimal legal requirements for homeschooling families, while others, such as Pennsylvania, have severe demands many lawmakers across the country seek for all homeschoolers. A sobering prospect is envisioning homeschooling being overridden by a federal directive sending us all into a world of mindless paperwork.  As homeschoolers well know,  “local” is the best approach to education.  As Home Education Magazine Publisher, Mark Hegener, notes: “For homeschoolers, assessments and data collection are the broom and dustpan of this reform.”

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