Editorial Board and Others Want Iowa Homeschool Bureaucracy Continued

Our current day and age reveals public school students boycotting standardized testing while federal Common Core invasions are occurring on a local level.  Controversial profits are made off children’s backs, who must steadfastly fill in the tedious dots in the classroom. Actual learning seems to be increasingly irrelevant, even as “mid-course corrections” are requested. Even so,  The Daily Iowan wanted homeschoolers to stay in middle of that messy business with continued standardized testing.

My solution would be to follow the revolt against the No Child Left Behind federal initiation of standardized testing and stop the onslaught for all children.  But even more radical than the currently proposed change of allowing homeschooling parents to administer required tests – stop this testing craziness for privately and public educated children.  Since Iowa legislators want education reform, they should be in the forefront of getting back to the basics of learning and not teaching to the test.

Editorial: Regulation of homeschooling should not be removed

The Daily Iowan Editorial Board feels that some of the proposed changes in homeschooling are irrelevant or present a conflict of interest, and homeschooling itself does not belong in this legislative package.

Turning that logic around, truly take the public school interests out of private schools or home education and stop bureaucratic involvement in Iowa homeschoolers’ lives – the filing, reporting and testing of homeschoolers. Less regulated states have proven governmental oversight of homeschoolers is not necessary.   From the Editorial:

We trust that like most public-school teachers, homeschooling teachers generally have their students’ best interests in mind, but oversight, rules, and regulations exist for a reason. Putting homeschooling instructors who are usually the students’ parents in a position where they oversee their children’s testing is asking for trouble. If the state is to increase accountability standards for public-school teachers, it makes no sense to hold homeschooling instructors to lower standards.

“Homeschooling teachers” are the parents, for goodness sake.  Even if they were not the actual “teachers”, distrust of parents “not playing by the rules” is projected. Other formerly homeschooled are of the same opinion as the Daily Iowan.  Their experiences as a minority of a tiny minority are not to be ignored.  But the public schools (state and the fed) have some serious legal responsibilities to answer back in their own backyard.  Adding a wider realm to that lack of accountability doesn’t seem wise.  This Board and the impression the overall government extends good oversight and “fairness’ might seem laughable in this day and age . “Passing the trash” is not funny though.

It appears Governor Branstad will sign the whole education reform package next week, including the loosening up of Iowa home education regulations.  Then the Iowa families can focus on their children and education without filling up a bureaucrat’s file cabinet.

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