Freedom on the Street

There is an online petition a mother created regarding the Waukegan daytime curfew and the problems created for her family.  They were a publicly schooled family.  We shouldn't assume homeschoolers would be treated any differently.  Brooke's story is shared on the Illinois Homeschool PAC FB page (post is to the right).  Her son's treatment was unfortunate in so many ways.  He certainly did not wake up that morning imagining the possibility of being put in the back of a police car because he was walking home from school.  

This ugly situation made his mama mad.

This Waukegan daytime curfew has been in effect for years and years.  The chronic truancy rate is currently 23.3%.  How's that working, besides infringing on the rights of teens walking on the streets of Waukegan?  Waukegan taxpayers are paying for truancy officers – who have easy access to public school truants' contact information – AND city police officers to enforce this law.  Double taxation. Please sign this petition:


The petition has many signatures already, but it would really be helpful if they had Waukegan or other nearby residents signing this.  Please take a look at this issue.  It is a real and growing problem for Illinois homeschoolers and anyone who looks like a teen who might be passing through Waukegan. I've laid out some recent examples of the homeschooling problem in the following 2 posts.

Boiling Frogs – Another activist parent took on Canton's truancy ordinance and asked authorities making these decisions lots of questions.

Continuation of the Boiling Frogs – Rockford/Boone-Winnebago's daytime curfew and the Regional Superintendent's attitude towards homeschoolers regarding it.  

Again, homeschooling does not mean you are truant. Regarding Boone-Winnebago Regional Supt R. Fairgrieves' comment, homeschoolers shouldn't need badges from the public school to walk the streets because of an "active daytime curfew."


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