Getting the feet wet again

Where did the time go since I last blogged here? We passed through the wet harvest season into the sub-zero cold and wind of this past pre-winter week. While the farmer (using the term loosely) across the road is not quite done with the corn barely standing across our road, we’re grateful that we finished up before Thanksgiving. 

 We’ve moved one kid’s stuff out of storage (except for the cast-offs we’ve apparently re-inherited), while moving another kid’s stuff in before he heads off to Granada, Spain for a international college experience. It’s odd how much I’ve been cooking since Dillon has been home.  I seem to have a need to keep him filled up with home-cooked food.  It’s working out well even though none of them are finishing off the left over corn chowder (a taste of summer during -5 temps), Brunswick Stew, homemade breads and pastries.  Leftovers keep in the freezer for Christmas time festivities. 

I planned to document our family goings on here, along with homeschool news and research, but I’ve just been living it and not recording it lately. We’re finishing up our last bit of concerts, recitals and dinners tonight.  (Maybe we’ll pick up that Christmas tree now and move the fall squash decor into the compost pile.  It’s not winter solstice yet, so maybe I’m jumpin’ the gun.) So it goes.

Here’s the good stuff from others.

It is the season of love and giving and this opportunity below is a sweet smilin’ offer from a 7 year old homeschooler.  It dragged me out of blogging hibernation.  Kids’ natural smarts, openness, honesty and generosity show us the way so many times.  Here’s Gwen explaining her charity auction at Gwen’s Art blog:


I hope you buy them, because I want to give the money to poor people who really need it, because sometimes they don’t have food or homes or houses — which is homes. So, that’s what I want to do.

Help Gwen help folks have homes. She comes from a good family home and wants to share.  Straight from the heart and pencil.  You can bid on her art on ebay.  Auction ends Dec. 21st : Cottages for the Homeless 

We homeschoolers  do LOVE ebay, just as we LOVE youtube.  On a final note today, it was a kick seeing Natalie Criss’ I Will Survive – Homeschooler Version on youtube.  Thanks to Henry Cate for pointing it out.

 And off we go (or via Natalie): 

Come on, let’s go walk out the door.
We’re on the road now,
’cause we’re not home much anymore

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