Hands-On Learning in Tennessee

Here’s an appealing homeschool story from Shelbyville, Tennessee:

Homeschool kids show creative sides By Jason Reynolds

Sierra, 15, is an incoming 10th grader who started her studies at age 4, mother Beth Johanson said. Alex, 13, is an incoming 9th grader who started learning to read at age 3. He was the youngest participant in the homeschool spelling bee during one contest, Beth Johanson said. He began teaching himself to read so he could read the instructions for his Pokemon video games, she said.
The Johansons began homeschooling after attending a homeschooling event, Beth Johanson said. She said she had considered being a homeschool parent ever since high school. She had a part-time job then, and would pick up her co-worker’s children from school at times. The children had been homeschooled prior to attending middle school and had a great relationship with their mother.

“I wanted that,” Beth Johanson said.

Our youngest kids learned how to read via Garfield. The library kept us well-stocked.
Writing books, drawing, hiking and studying our bountiful natural world is a delightful way to follow various passions.



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