Homeschooling retards children’s social growth IS ridiculous

The quote in the header is from homeschooler Jennifer Eckman. From my old college stomping grounds ( one of them anyway), I liked how this article about McDonough County area homeschoolers started:

Parents tout cost, curriculum and socialization as positives in homeschool setting

Last week, the Macomb Eagle discussed the who, what and why of homeschooling in “Lessons from Home.” This week we explore “how.”

I’m out of touch as I missed the Who, What and Why of last week.  Thanks Annette, for cluing me in.   I’ll look around for the when and where in the homeschooling world of Macomb asap.

Reading along, I like the follow-through by Kathy Ascone to the NEA social/emotional concerns:

In a Feb. 26, 2002 letter to the National Home Education Network, former NEA president Bob Chase wrote his organization was “concerned that homeschooled students were not provided a comprehensive education experience because they did not have an opportunity to interact with students of different cultures, economic status or learning styles. They felt homeschooled students learned in a setting primarily made up (of) family members and friends.”

Precisely, said Kathy Ascone. Family and friends aren’t the problem – they are the solution.

“You don’t want an 8-year-old teaching an 8-year-old how to behave,” she said. “You want them to learn how to behave from someone who hopefully knows how, and then practice it on the other 8-year-olds.”

I also appreciated this quote from Kathy Ascone:

“I think anyone can do it,” Kathy said. “Not necessarily that anyone should do it, but anyone can do it.”

Some of the homeschoolers mentioned spent bucketloads on their educational stuff.  I’ve not figured out how much we spend because so much of it is just what we do most days for fun. I don’t consider it “educational” (unless we’re filling out those tiresome 4-H records), but just kinda interesting. Like the Discovery Channel or our creek or the disgusting blood engorged tick on our puppy pal’s ear.

This made me laugh as it sounded like something that would come out of my husband’s mouth:

Noel Lane Jr. agrees forced socialization with misbehaving, misguided peers is something to be avoided, not embraced.

“Once I left high school – aside from maybe basic training in the army – I didn’t have to deal with knuckleheads,” he said. “Once you’re not forced to socialize with those people, they’re no longer a problem.”

Interesting article.


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