Homeschool Registration Proponents Hit Slump

By the time this hearing was over, Senator Maloney appeared exhausted and defeated.  We shall see.  Because it ain't over till it's over.

Illinois home school registration bill draws crowd

State Journal-Register

Families from all over Illinois mobbed the Capitol Tuesday morning to protest a bill that would require parents who home-school their children to register with the state. Hundreds of families – their children in tow – packed the second floor of the Statehouse and a meeting of the Senate Education Committee to oppose Senate Bill 136, which requires registration of students in non-public schools, a classification under which home schools fall. Sponsor Sen. Edward Maloney, D-Chicago, pulled the bill from consideration, saying he agreed to not introduce the legislation pending the outcome of the committee testimony. “A bill was introduced that had consequences beyond what I was trying to accomplish,” Maloney said.

I understood the Capitol staff confirmed 4,000 homeschoolers.  It was a great pleasure to meet so many homeschooling friends and see the wonderful and well behaved kids there.  I was proud to be a homeschooler.


Homeschool Registration Proponents Hit Slump — 2 Comments

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