Homeschoolers Already Know Education Reimagined

Many homeschoolers already knew about Khan Academy. The media has discovered Salman Khan and they seem to like him.

Homeschoolers have to be thrifty and we're usually on the cutting edge using and communicating useful educational resources. It didn't take long for Khan Academy to become well known in the homeschool communities. The founder has written a book that is appealing to many who want to see the educational failures in our school systems turn into successes for our communities' children.

Salman Khan is the founder of a You Tube phenomenon homeschoolers discovered a few years ago, even as Mr. Khan continued adding more and more subjects to his video library.  It was a free gift he offered to the world. There are now over 3,500 educational videos with over 205,058,383 delivered lessons.

We can be hopeful various entities will not and can not get in the way of this direct approach to education.  Kudos to Salman Khan and turning the simple task of helping a cousin with math into a generous and open form of education.  Just as it should be.

An excerpt from Salman Khan's new book – The One World Schoolhouse: Education Reimagined:

More than anything, it is the student testimonials that have persuaded me to write this book. I think of it as a kind of manifesto—both a very personal statement and a call to arms. Formal education must change. It needs to be brought into closer alignment with the world as it actually is; into closer harmony with the way human beings actually learn and thrive.
When and where do people concentrate best? The answer, of course, is that it all depends on the individual. Some people are at their sharpest first thing in the morning. Some are more receptive late at night. One person requires a silent house to optimize his focus; another seems to think more clearly with music playing or against the white noise of a coffee shop. Given all these variations, why do we still insist that the heaviest lifting in teaching and learning should take place in the confines of a classroom and to the impersonal rhythm of bells and buzzers?

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