Homeschoolers Don’t Like Hearing “or else”

And we’ll fight it.

Take a gander at what is happening in the Franklin/Williamson County area now.  Marion (home of Kim Harris, who was also known as the convicted "test case") is in Williamson County.

This appears to be the after effects of Mr. Garnati and his apparent mission to set  homeschoolers straight in his area.  The Southern Illinois published coverage of another press conference with the Williamson County State’s Attorney front and center.  You would have to pay for it, which I refuse to do. 

But the quotes below seem to be the beginnings of their second step program: following their non-statutory version of  homeschooling.  Seems like the authorities aren’t following the law.  What is it going to be, Mr. Garnati?  Trying  families as public school truants or  your banner of Truant Homeschoolers?  Make up your mind quick.  In the meantime, we’ll be happy to set you and the ROE straight.

MARION – If history repeats itself, about six parents in Williamson County will be criminally charged for allowing their children to remain truant from school.

They won’t be able to say Williamson County State‘s Attorney Charles Garnati didn’t say, "I told you so."

And here’s the little ditty about homeschooling later in the article which seems to tie in to the visits to homeschooling families’ homes looking for that elusive “established curriculum”:

Garnati said home-schooling parents aren’t exempt from truancy policies governing Williamson County students.

"The law does give ROE authority to go in and check out the curriculum to make sure it’s been done in a correct way," Garnati said.

Wrong again, Mr. Garnati. And you’re not making any friends in the homeschooling world, in case you were wondering.  There is NO authority to " to do home checks and monitor home-schooled children" as described in the Marion Daily Republican.

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