How cool is a view of the Space Shuttle and ISS from the back 40?

Last night, we had a 5 minute view of the International Space Station flying across the sky with the space shuttle in pursuit.  Sooo very cool.

Pat was listening to our local public radio station while doing errands and got the heads up from our weather guy.  I looked up our location on Heavens-Above and we were set.

Date Mag Starts Max. Altitude Ends
Time Alt. Az. Time Alt. Az. Time Alt. Az.
24 Oct -0.7 18:43:16 10 WNW 18:45:56 35 SW 18:48:35 10 SSE
25 Oct 1.2 19:07:32 10 WSW 19:08:30 11 SW 19:09:27 10 SSW
03 Nov 1.5 06:39:49 10 SE 06:40:33 11 SE 06:41:17 10 ESE

The boys were just back from Space Camp and supplied details that told us that  our money had been well spent sending them down to Alabama through our 4-H program.
We’re be looking again tonight now that they’re docked.  Bigger satellite for a better eye treat.  Check it out!
[Duh…Elisheva made me look at the stats again.  They didn’t dock until the 26th.  Probably would have noticed that if we could have seen it 2 days in a row.  Darn clouds.]


How cool is a view of the Space Shuttle and ISS from the back 40? — 3 Comments

  1. We saw the Space Station on Thursday evening at about 6:53. It came over from the northwest and went right through the handle of the Big Dipper from our perspective. About nine minutes later, we saw the Space Shuttle come over the Sandias, through the handle of Dipper and disappear near the rising moon! It was a great show!

  2. Awesome, Elisheva. We couldn’t see it on Thursday because of the clouds.
    It gave me chills. My kids and the husband were laughing at me because I kept instinctively walking closer (as if I could get a better view :-)).
    It definitely makes our little space seem so amazingly endless.

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