Illinois Homeschool PAC Endorsements

If you're in Illinois, please check the Illinois Homeschool PAC endorsements out before you vote tomorrow.  Hopefully you checked them already before an early vote.

Visit the PAC website to see if your candidate(s) completed our 2012 election questionnaire. 

One important election for homeschoolers is in Illinois Senate 49th District – Will County area.

Vote for Garrett Peck - State Senate in 49th District


Garrett Peck -shown above- is running against the Will County Regional Office of Education Superintendent, Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant. She didn't fill out the Homeschool PAC questionaire, but her lobbying/job protector group (the Association of Regional Superintendents of Schools) wants all Illinois homeschoolers to register with the state.  


We're doing fine without that burden.


Superintendent Bertino-Tarrant also signed off on the claim that homeschoolers must “create a school calendar of 176 attendance days and a daily schedule of 5 hours or more”. There is no legal requirement for private schools to follow public school attendance rules. Homeschoolers are exempt from those regulations as we meet our individual family's needs in education. Often, we exceed the time span, but do it in our own time.  That's our right as a private school not beholden to public monies. Our legal responsibility is to ensure that our children are taught the branches of education that correspond to the public schools and that instruction is in the english language.

She's been called on this misrepresentation by various homeschoolers who know the school code.  She hasn't changed it.  If she wins, she'll most likely be on the Senate Education Committee because of her public school 'expertise'. 


We don't want that.

Another special interest I'll highlight is down in Jackson County.  One of the PAC's Advisory Board members is running for State's Attorney and hopefully, Sharee Langenstein will win that tough race.  She's homeschooled her girls and she has represented homeschoolers in southern Illinois who were being persecuted.  We need Sharee in this role, for more reasons than one.

Sharee Langenstein


While we're cruising around southern Illinois, I should also mention Mark Minor is running against incumbent, Gary Forby in the 59th District.  The PAC supports Mr. Minor.  I've met Senator Forby.  He's on the Senate Education Committee. He needs to be replaced.  That's all I have to say.  If you can, vote for Mark Minor.


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