Illinois Homeschool Political Action Committee

So this is a conversation that might have occurred in our household recently. 

Susan- Patrick, We need to use Sharee Langenstein's services!

Patrick (a little leery when the wife calls him Patrick and not Hey) – Isn't Sharee a lawyer three some hours south?

Susan – Yes.  We might have to adopt a child too.

Patrick – What?!

Susan – Yes, and I think we'll have to get into some legal trouble too.  Let's have someone give truant officer William Reynolds an anonymous call about us being homeschoolers who are not registered. Let's see if he has some connnections here in DeWitt County. 

Patrick – Susan, do you really think anyone like that would be brave enough to knock at our door?! 

Susan – Maybe not, but this will all be worth it to be able to have Sharee for our lawyer.  'kay?

I met Sharee in the old Supreme Court room on the second floor of our state's Capitol before the subject matter hearing started regarding homeschool registration on February 15th.  Sharee was the well dressed lady with the adorable kids who was relaying to all in the room that no homeschool moms were being allowed to testify.  (Dorothy Werner eventually was permitted to testify against homeschool registration.)  We had a longer wait than expected and many of us homeschool moms started chatting as we love to do.  I've told many since that time that Sharee is one of those special, effervescent people that we often don't have the opportunity to find.  (I have to say the homeschool community seems to have an abundance and I met quite a few that day.)

I loved Sharee and her advocacy and the wonderful part is she's just one of seven Illinois Homeschool PAC Advisory Board Members, most of whom are or were Illinois homeschool moms.  Homeschool dad Curt Mercadante is the Chair.   Fran Eaton, David From, Dennis LaComb, Terri Kohn, Sharee and I also serve on the Board. Early on the morning of that Hearing, Terri Koyne and I trooped around the Capitol grounds.  Terri was the mom who printed out and brought pages and pages of the wonderful stickers for our lapels that promoted the obvious notion that homeschooling works and we should be left alone.  It's a privilege to serve on this board with these homeschool activists. 

Finally, Illinois homeschoolers have a one issue PAC and the goal of the  Illinois Homeschool PAC is to:  advocate for the election or re-election of those politicians who support the rights of Illinois home educators. The PAC will advocate against the election or re-election of those politicians who seek to limit these rights.

Pass it on.  Illinois homeschoolers push back hard when we're challenged.  Those who want us in the public school realm should remember that lesson. I would think the 4,000 homeschoolers at the Capitol would have sent that message clearly and politely.  But if they still don't get that message, the Illinois Homeschool PAC is here to serve homeschoolers.

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