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I am finally catching up with my nephew’s work. Even without an aunt’s biased eye, he is an exceptional writer, and his public work is via Florida International University’s Beacon

His dad sent me the conclusion of the Michael Phelps’ piece below, while kinda wishing that he (maybe even as Matt’s proud dad) could comment at the Beacon site.  Apparently, Matthew wanted nothin’ to do with that.  Can’t blame Matt, knowing his dad’s shenanigans.
Matt wrote a great piece about the guy built like a fast fish.
From:  Michael Phelps is a winner, yes but also human

There is something positive that can be taken from this incident: You can be an Olympic champion and smoke pot – the two aren’t exclusive. And my guess is that when Phelps, who has double the lung capacity, takes a toke, he pulls down the cloud cover. It may be that what makes a great swimmer also makes a great pothead. Who knew?

Matthew also points out a particular cost saving conundrum for our political leaders.  Unfortunately, ‘political leaders’ comes to my mind in a much easier fashion than just calling them our country/state leaders.
I can’t forget the Illinois governor currently in prison (before the latest governor heading for prison), who
poised with tv actors like Mike Farrell, but didn’t find the time to let the families who lost loved ones vent their frustrations and concerns about his decision.  He admitted this about his moratorium: "Hell, I know some of those people are guilty," Ryan said. "But you can’t pick and choose….".  Ironically, that political decision didn’t keep George Ryan out of prison.

Being guilty of crimes isn’t much of an issue with Illinois governors, it seems, if you can run with the money and power and not get caught.  ‘Nuf, here’s Matt’s very excellent article:

States deliberate repealing the death penalty due to costs By Matthew Ruckman / Florida International University Beacon Staff Writer
Published March 09, 2009

State Senator Carolyn McGinn of Kansas proposed the bill to overturn the death penalty.

“We’re looking at any way we can to save money moving forward in the state of Kansas,” McGinn told FOXNews.com. “This will save significant money – money that could be used toward education programs and toward community corrections programs.”

The practice of changing laws based on the country’s economic woes has me somewhat frazzled. The morality and justice of the death penalty seem to have been sidelined, not even discussed as the recession has the states caught by the short hairs.

The issue to these legislators isn’t the righteousness of the death penalty – the taking of a man’s life – only how much it costs.

Whether you believe the death penalty is justified or think it’s an abomination is not the point. What matters here is why it is decided.

Keep it up, Matt! 
If we could talk Bridge into going the photojournalism route, you’d be quite the pair. 
Bridget and Pat at Long Branch
Continuing the braggin’, Bridget won the Austin based Young Guns Juror’s Choice Award at Watson Studio Gallery.   3 of her photos were accepted, and Erica won.  Austin is looking appealing to a young photographer looking for a job.  Shoot, it’s looking appealing to me right now looking out at a chilly, gray day this morning. 

A $200 prize that will go straight to a power bill and rent is not very glamorous, but it’s priceless for her parents who recognize her hard work. 

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