Mark the Date: August 7-8 Chicago Homeschool Expo

Longtime unschooler Deborah Niemann Boehle and I will lead a Rights & Responsibilities of Illinois Homeschoolers workshop

Do you need to register with the state, submit your curriculum, or test your children? Learn what laws cover homeschoolers in Illinois and how to respond if others question you. We’ll also discuss legislative activity that could affect homeschoolers, and what you can do to help preserve our freedoms.

If you’re there, please say hello.  If anyone knows anything about me, they know I can talk homeschooling all day.  But since Deborah and I will be there together, I imagine the two of us will be talking about our hands-on science projects (also known as farm animals and farm life) a bit too.  Not in the workshop, of course…
(Did I show you all a pic of my new cochin chicks?)

Cochin chicks...they are just that CUTE

I’m looking forward to catching some of the other workshops and was happy to see that Spunky will be there.  Hope I get a chance to say hey.

August 7-8, 2009 – Schaumburg Convention Center Convenient to the Chicago O’Hare Airport
Visit the Chicago Homeschool Expo site for more information!


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