More ROE/Legislation Offenses

And I do mean they are being offensive. I squirreled around enough writing up something on the SHA list, that I decided I’d try to get more bang for my buck.  So here’s my post with some editing:

It seems like the world of oversight seekers has learned a new way of functioning. It’s creeping at times but it is definitely an onslaught.  Even in Illinois, unfortunately.   Below is just one example from my observations.  From talking with homeschooling compadres in other states, it seems to be the same across the country.

Coming out of many public schools in Illinois, for one.  Watching over the years, it seems like they’re more in your face about filling out unnecessary forms.  Illinois is a wonderful state to homeschool as we don’t have to report or notify if we haven’t been in the public schools.  But many regional offices of education ask that you fill out a registration form.  Here’s just a few more examples in a quick look [That’s 4 ROE’s listed so far. Know there’s more]:

St Clair ROE’s Faqs 

Lake County ROE’s site on homeschooling 

and here it is on the ISBE site under research.

I know they say it’s voluntary, but realistically, I have to wonder how voluntary it feels when a principal or superintendent is handing it to you.

Follow that with this 2004 Illinois Public Act and then you can see where this is heading.  There was no reason for this Act as it was already a given:

[Sec. 2-3.25o.  Registration and recognition of non-public elementary and secondary schools.] 

That doesn’t sound very voluntary.  Here’s the synopsis as introduced as a bill:

<Amends the Higher Education Student Assistance Act. Makes a technical change in a Section concerning defaulting on a loan.>

Below is what it turned into ala the stealth modus operandi apparently learned from our ‘fine’ leaders in DC.
Deletes everything after the enacting clause. Amends the School Code. Provides for the voluntary registration and recognition of non-public
elementary and secondary schools in Illinois. Requires assurances of compliance with State and federal laws. Provides for the State Board of Education to prescribe guidelines and procedures. Effective immediately.

Why?  Take out the word “voluntary” or “may voluntarily” in that text and what do you have?  Registration in the state of IL.  Very sneaky.  Kind of the same sneaky that raised our compulsory attendance age to 17 from 16 years of age with little or no action from the homeschooling world.  And the same kind of sneaky that almost reduced the compulsory attendance age to 5 from 7 last spring.  Who stopped it finally?  Homeschoolers.  And the sponsor for lowering the compulsory attendance age was on a steamroll adding that he wished it would be reduced to 3 years of age, but would settle for 5 right now. That’s a big heads up as it’ll come back again and again until they get what they want just as they did with the raising of compulsory attendance age.

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