No Bones About It-Daytime Curfew Used to Chase Down Homeschoolers

The headline could read: What Truancy Problem?

I posted an update in my previous post that the Daytime Curfew Truancy ordinance was tabled in Salem, Illinois regarding their .2 (yes, POINT two) truancy rate problem.  Salem City Council is working on a daytime curfew ordinance because of what?  The Point Two Percentage of public schooled kids are causing bedlam in the Salem streets.  Because truancy ordinances are all about public schooled kids?  Or so  one would think.

We could be thankful that at least Keri Garrett is honest, in the only way a bureaucrat can be.  She says (from WJBD Radio):

Garrett also emphasized she supports those who home school, but does have a problem with ‘no school’ parents.  "Instead of figuring out the problem, they’ll yank the child out because they’re not old enough to drop out and tell me they’re going to homeschool," she says. "That’s fine, but the state likes to have a form filled out – they come in and can’t fill out the form."   Garrett asked the home school parents to join her in handling those kind of cases. 

What is a ‘no school’ parent?  Could unschoolers be included in that?  Could homeschoolers not using a curriculum that is acceptable to the public school be included in that?  Could any homeschoolers be a ‘no school’ parent in Ms. Garrett’s world? I think so :

“We ask that they [homeschoolers] fill out a registration form, because people do call and ask about children they see out during the day, and the state board is asking for more information.”

The state likes to have a form filled out. But it’s not a legal mandate to fill out the Home School Registration Form that the Illinois State Board of Education developed in their Data Analysis and Progress Reporting Department.  That’s not a department my homeschooled kids need to have their personal information parked.

It is alarming that an ordinance is created for a purpose that is not spelled out, let alone mandated by state law. 


No Bones About It-Daytime Curfew Used to Chase Down Homeschoolers — 10 Comments

  1. There’s always “a form” isn’t there? Yep – just fill out a form and all the (nonexistent) problems will be solved.

  2. Yes, indeed, Maria. That seems to be how it’s playing out. Btw, I love your Anne Sullivan/Beatrix Potter/F. Douglass quotes.
    The beauty of homeschooling is we generally don’t have to deal with the bureaucratic forms that government schools use. In Illinois, our homeschooling can be form-free. Which gives us the great flexibility to direct educational needs and wants.

  3. I live in Salem, IL. I was at the City Council meeting on Monday (1/4/10) night. I, as well as other men, spoke out against the ordinance. Unfortunately, it is being interpreted by some that there are certain home-schooling fathers (myself included) who are “helping” to draft a “better” ordinance. This is simply false. We see the ordinance for what it is…a first step toward mandatory registration of home-school families. We will not compromise. Our efforts are focused on squashing the entire ordinance, not drafting a better ordinance. If you could help make this known I would greatly appreciate it. God bless and thank you for your support and monitoring of the situation in our city.

  4. Thank you for speaking up, Rob. My understanding was that you and others were helping to work on this ordinance. (Following that, I made the assumption that any homeschoolers’ attempts to work on the ordinance was to be sure homeschoolers were exempted. But homeschoolers aren’t exempted if they’re stopped on the street and questioned.)
    But I’m so glad to see that you and the other fathers involved and so many other Salem area homescholers want this ordinance squashed.
    We are cheering you folks on! I was so happy to see the WJBD picture of an over-flow crowd at the meeting.

    I will make the corrections, and apologize for my misunderstanding of the situation.

  5. Thank you so much for your support! Could you point me to where you found the .2% statistic regarding truancy in Salem? I’m not asking you to do all the leg work, but any information you find that you deem valuable to our fight would be greatly appreciated. My personal email address is…

    God bless.

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  7. If you sit down and speak with the Police Chief, he will tell you that Salem has NO truancy problems. The problem is with the Out of School suspended children. The ROE approached the City with the wording. Just like she did with Central City.

    BTW There was one dad that offered a compromise (and the Chief gave me that info) and that dad along with another was appointed

  8. Stay strong against intrusive laws. Here in WV there are some soundings of tightening up the homeschooling laws. We are already moderately to highly regulated. There are some lawmakers that are just trying to test us to make money for the local school districts. thanks a lot! We are already organized to show the truth and support the law as it stands.

    My best in your efforts to stay free and homeschooling!
    GOd bless
    Heather Laurie