Northern Kentucky Homeschoolers Covered

From the husband’s old stomping grounds, this was a Sunday article

You will find as many varieties of homeschools as there are homeschooled students in NKY. Some have detailed lesson plans and use a set curriculum. Others choose to unschool – meaning they encourage the child’s own curiosity to encourage learning experiences, rather than a lesson plan. Leslie Gosser of Independence said she and her husband allow their 6-year-old "to learn what he wants and as in-depth as he wants to learn…He is interested in many different subjects, so the majority of his day is spent writing stories, reading, doing math and learning foreign languages." Many parents set up small libraries for their children or frequent the local libraries. Some belong to co-ops or other homeschool groups so the children can participate in group events.

But this was an odd one:


Homeschooling isn’t for everyone. Anyone considering this option for their children should consider the following pros and cons before making their decision. Currently only 22 states in the United States require standardized testing of homeschoolers. Kentucky is not one of these states.

Included in the cons was the horror of  Being with children 24/7 and Socialization concerns.

Typical, unfortunately.  And the last con is the most irritating.  No quality control!?

The Parental QC doesn’t cut it for the ‘authorities’.  Bad message there.

I would have put Living outside of the norm under pro’s.  Most definitely.  ‘Nuf said.


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