Off the Grid

The Kellogg family of 14 now follows kayak trails and events across the country with the use of a 35 foot RV on the road. The video below makes me smile and brings back mom memories deciphering the chaotic levels of children's voices and cries.

The Kellogg Show/Family documents their adventures. There is plenty of coverage across the country too.

From the Denver Post in October: Colorado family of 14 kayaking throughout the U.S. By Jason Blevins

"Everything we have done comes from wanting to be free," says Susie, who started home-schooling the kids a few years ago when a rigid schedule began pinching family playtime. They've been kayaking only a few years, but Grady, 16, and Brody, 15, closed the season ranked third and fourth in the junior freestyle kayaking World Cup point series, and Kenny, 12, won the cadet class in the national freestyle championship in Idaho.

From Denver's KDVR Fox 31 in November: Family of 14 selling Colorado home, will live on the road and pursue dreams By Jon Bowman

All of the kids buy into this ‘simpler way of life’ their parents are moving toward. All but one of the children, 18-year-old Kerry, the oldest daughter, are being home-schooled. Kerry graduated from Glenwood Springs High School last spring. “I am so ready for this,” said Kerry. “I am over Glenwood, I just want to enjoy new adventures and see new places.”

From the UK Mail Online Kellogg family children to be home schooled as mom and dad drive them across the United States By James Nye

The Kelloggs claim to have set off for the same reason the pioneers did: Freedom — from ordinary lives.By James Nye 'This is what freedom is,' Dan said, waving his hand at the open road. 'You go after it.' Last summer, the family spent two months testing the waters of the RV life, touring 22 states and competing in nearly every junior kayaking competition in the country.

Good wishes for the kayaking competitions and I am sure this family will have loads of fun getting there.

Another family is also planning a road trip this year. Pioneer Woman's website asked a good question about the legalities of Homeschooling on the Road? I'm sure more feedback for this family would be appreciated. (Ree Drummond's recipe for the Perfect Iced Coffee is appealing too.) Gotta love these families following their passions.

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