One Candidate Down

Pickin’s are getting slim on my ballot. 

The governor and gubernatorial candidate Gidwitz seem to have many of the same priorities. You might have to give the babes a boost up the steps, but the bus stops here.  Illinois Review touched on one of our Republican candidates and his education agenda. Unfortunate plan as I’ve already highlighted some of the universal preschool problems on this page.  

This ‘reform’ calls starts at "pre-kindergarten" up. Haven’t seen that terminology much, but have seen pre-school or kindergarten.  Are the waters being tested to see how broadly "pre-kindergarten" can span and will ‘spin’? 5 years or 3 or 0 or do the ‘cutting edge’ Illinois Children’s Mental Health Act thing and go pre-natal? 

Is it only in the state of Illinois that we could be so confused about what a party stands for?  Maybe not.  Because I don’t know what IL Republicans stand for anymore than I know what IL Democrats or the nat’l Republican Party stand for either.  Spend, maybe?  And Mr. Gidwitz should understand that success and might I add happiness, for young people is not always centered around college. It’s disappointing that politicians claim they’re about reform (fixing, as I understand the definition) and minimal legislation when that doesn’t appear to be the case. It seems to be about protecting the special interests that provide the campaign money. But they’re all forgetting, just like one of my representatives did yesterday in not meeting with several 4-H families, that the bottom line is the vote. And I’ve got one that I use on a regular basis.  Thank God that hasn’t changed around here (central Illinois, not Chicago).  And maybe in Ohio……

Can a Republic gubernatorial candidate or a United States President or US Senate Majority Leader think about all of us, the little people, instead of how much money they can get from the next luncheon? Republicans, Democrats….are most from the same mold here in Illinois? Talk about standardized!

Like Fran Eaton, I’ll be curious to know where Senator Brady is about this issue too. He’s my Senator.  Guess I’ll have to ask about that one too as I’m still waiting on the HB 3031 bill [rats, correct bill number now inserted.  It is NOT HB 3013.  This bill number is a killer].   And reading the  other intriguing comments about the other candidates has me finally interested enough now to read what they have to say about education and families.

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