Smart and Frugal Peoria Homeschooler

Bargain hunters browse through donated items at Lakeview book sale

Peoria resident Becky Almeida, who home-schools her two sons, Jude, 11, and David, 8, picked up a crateful of textbooks for $61, she said.

"I paid $3 for this," she said, holding up an American government textbook. "This would’ve cost me $60 to $80 anywhere else. I’m coming back on Wednesday with the $5 bag deal."

Prices will fall 50 percent Monday and 75 percent Tuesday. The sale will end with a $5 brown bag sale Wednesday.

 Hmmm…..Peoria’s not THAT far away.  But there is that Scholastic Warehouse Sale this weekend.  (Hoping the official bookshelf putter upper isn’t reading this…) 


~Building Understanding and Perspective~


Vol. 1, Issue 2, Weekly Edition
Monday, January 23, 2006


"If the wind will not serve, take to the oars."


-SHA Mission

The mission of the Stillwater Homeschool Alliance
is to build an association of homeschoolers to
work on issues directly related to advocacy,
building on our individual talents and our unique
experiences as homeschoolers. Empowerment to
advocate both individually and cooperatively on
our own behalf is key to sustaining and, in some
cases, reclaiming homeschooling freedoms, thereby
promoting a more informed, cohesive, and
effective homeschooling community.


The Stillwater Homeschool Alliance Discussion List

Interactive communications for the week of
January 16 – 22 at the group discussion list:

Current Membership: 203 listmembers
Discussion Level: 398 new messages this week

Discussions we are having (note: most of the
conversations carried on for days, evolving into
new thoughts):

*Monday Jan 16: compulsory laws , PDF conversion,
state affiliates, meeting  others: "mash-ups",
informational brochures: accountability, mindsets
that need to be changed , feelings from a newbie,

*Tuesday Jan 17: meeting with legislators, how
SHA is different, more about the website,
homeschool laws, parental rights, what stance to
take as a group, more

*Wednesday Jan 18:      Federal funds & NCLB ,
private vs non-public, compulsory laws, changing
the list header , rights to education, material
for brochures/white papers, notifying the world
that *homeschool* is now one word, more

*Thursday Jan 19: Kentucky news, conditional
disenrollment, who’s in control, more

*Friday, Jan 20: Discussions about military
recruiting, homeschooling exemption from testing,
info collected by The U.S. Dept. of Ed. (on
homeschoolers), more

*Saturday, Jan. 21: Defining homeschooling,
public school programs, why do you homeschool,

*Sunday, Jan. 22: High school homeschooling,
diplomas, changing public schools, networking,
unsubscribing, dropouts, Valerie’s HEM News and
Commentary, working well with others, SHA
website, consensus, parental rights, North
Carolina Chapter 15C, address confidentiality
law, public records, UNESCO, more


Website Progress Report

We are still seeking people experienced in
website management and anyone interested in
learning more about designing, creating, and
maintaining a community-oriented site to promote
the work of the Alliance. To join the website
discussion list, send a blank email message to
<> or
go here:

Weekly Quotes from the SHA Discussion List

Some people in government may care because
thinking people are harder to control.   -Henry

It is better to, shall we say, clean up our own
backyard before we go worrying about someone
else’s backyard. The place to start for
homeschoolers IS homeschooling.   -Lynda

Ideally I’d like to see updating state laws,
regulations, legal and legislative news, support
group contacts and all the rest handled by
someone within each state, because there are
always finer points and relevancies that only
someone from that state will be familiar with.
This can take the form of some kind of database
or filing system at the Stillwater site or just
links to the state sites and groups which are
involved.   -Helen

I am not doing the work that I do to sell or
promote homeschooling nor is it my business to
"get new customers" or otherwise convince people
to do this. The only work regarding accessibility
would be regarding safeguarding our freedoms.
-Judy Aron

The people I know who use the school enrollment
options are not offended by the idea of a group
forming for the purpose of independent homeschool
advocacy.  They have supported the formation of
this group because this advocacy is important in
its own right.  Ensuring the choice to homeschool
independently also ensures that the other options
are a choice made freely and not made because
they are the only officially accepted options.
-Sandi Chelan

Perhaps there ought to be two SHA discussion
groups. A philosophical discussion group where
the details of semantics and other vital
definitions are hashed out, and a political
organization discussion group where the structure
and a decision-making process is decided upon.
-Corey J. Holmes

The bottom line for SHA is grassroots
empowerment, which means helping people learn
what needs to be done, and when necessary even
helping them to learn how to do it, but then
trusting them to actually do it for themselves in
their own states.   -Helen


Thanks for reading, and a special thank you to
our volunteers who work to provide in- depth
information and ideas that help to protect and
maintain homeschooling freedoms.
Join us on the Stillwater Homeschool Alliance discussion list:

~Tracy Merritt, editor

Readers are encouraged to forward this newsletter
in its entirety, including headers and footers,
to others who might also find its contents
© 2006 STILLWATER HOMESCHOOL ALLIANCE (All rights reserved).

New Homeschooler?

Who knows?  But I’m glad Army Spc. Kyle Sill, was able to come home from Iraq long enough for his son’s birth.  Sweet picture of the two on the site.

What’s this have to do with homeschooling?  Kyle’s wife and Talon’s mom Ellie, was homeschooled,  and lived two doors away from her sweetheart growing up. 

Blagojevich’s Blech…

I didn’t want to look at this or listen to it, but I guess I should now. 

In the coming weeks, I’ll be presenting a budget. And in that budget, I’m going to propose several major initiatives on early childhood education and K-12 education.

Oh, Joy!  And we’ll pay for that out of whose gambling debts? 

And to help children start learning sooner, we’ve dramatically expanded pre-school, putting us among the top three states in the nation. 

Who writes his speeches anyway? His cousin, his brother, his father in law ? (Whoops…nah) Children don’t learn until they enter pre-school?  Who needs parents?  Not these folks.

I got pointed in this direction.  That’ll have to do tonight.