Homeschool Athletes Get Attention from the Chicago Tribune

Homeschool athletes were spotlighted by the Chicago Tribune.  The big game is at the United Center tomorrow.

Home-schoolers right at home at McDonald’s All-American Games
By Paul Skrbina

There isn’t much wiggle room in the wardrobe this week for Justin Jackson or Reece’ Caldwell.

The two home-schooled teens from Texas are dressed as McDonald’s All-Americans, which means mostly casual warmups, shorts and jerseys.

Not to mention a lot of jokes.

“The main one is if I do school in PJs,” said Jackson, a 6-foot-8, 200-pound guard/forward headed to North Carolina.

“Do you?” Caldwell asked. “I do.”

“Not all the time,” Jackson replied.

Nothing better than doing your work in your pjs growing up.  How many people dream of that?

Justin Jackson will be playing college basketball in North Carolina.

New homeschooler – Reece’ Caldwell – offered her reason for home education:

“It’s an academic thing,” said Caldwell, who added that she’s taking an advanced placement English class that will count toward her college credits. “It turned into me working on myself. It wasn’t a big transition.

“I feel like I made the right decision. It’s getting me ready for college, just real-life stuff that I wouldn’t have learned in high school.”

Both Texan teens have these opportunities without Tebow Bills stemming from Austin.

Homeschoolers Thrown Under the Bus By Salt Lake Tribune

Bitterness and fault abound from the public school world.
For Utah teachers, all that testing is cramping learning By Paul Rolly

The Salt Lake Tribune

Tension among teachers over the inordinate amount of standardized testing they are required to give students is steadily mounting.

Already under attack from right-wing legislators beholden to home-school lobbyists and other anti-public education special interests, many teachers have expressed frustration over the instruction time they lose to standardized testing.

Not sure why homeschoolers were thrown into the blame game when they’re only trying to defend independent learning.  Except for the ones pursuing Tebow bills and policies, we’re generally just trying to maintain and are not keen on the standardized testing treadmill.  Even the tiny and vocal minority that bellowed out homeschool testing and socialization triumphs in our legislation, finally, at least publicly, spoke out with other concerned families against the federalized Common Core State Standards push that keeps this runaway edu-industry rolling along.

Rolly and the like should find someone or something else to blame.  The public education system would be the best start.