Following the Spark – One More Reason to Homeschool

There are a few parents who turn away from labels stuck on their children by “experts”.  Some view their beloved kids through the lens of every day reality in their homes, and while out and about. They might not agree with the professionals. That’s why we sometimes look for second and third opinions and do a little research on our own.  Often, the most perceptive view comes from mom and dad.

Kristine Barnett’s intuition seemed to work for her boys.  At the age of two, her oldest son, Jacob, was diagnosed with autism and his mama was told he would never talk or read.  She was told there was no hope. Instead, she persisted, after observing the passion in Jacob, who is now 15 years old, fascinated with theoretical physics and the Indiana native now researches at Ontario’s Perimeter Institute.

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Iowa Homeschoolers’ National Influence

Ted Cruz is on the move.  Even though he’s a US senator from Big Texas, he seems to be setting his sights on our our bigger country’s premier office.  Starting early, he’s visiting the Christian Homeschoolers for Iowa’s annual NICHE “Homeschool Day at the Capitol”.  He’s not the only one finding Iowa in “fly-over land”, where the last Iowa presidential campaign influenced our presidential choices on the left (buh-bye Hillary) and on the right.

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With Friends Like This

A few public school and homeschooling parents are trying to start up a virtual charter in Maine. But these comments below have also been heard in Illinois. Not being “trained teachers” has worked out well for many homeschoolers over the years.

From Bangor, Maine’s Daily News and Nell Gluckman:

“We’ve always been concerned with not being trained teachers,” said Eben Waugh of Dover-Foxcroft of himself and his wife, who home-school their daughters.

“The virtual schools, [by] having the teachers available, it would be, I think, a more consistent message,” he said. “My grasp of grammar and my wife’s are two different things.”

With friends like these…

Read more about the Chicago Virtual School and its initiation, which included a CTU lawsuit involving homeschooling.

In 2009 – Who was representing homeschoolers?

On the Illinois lobbying efforts – K12 Company Lobbies IL Legislators

In 2010 and again, in 2013, legislators throw in a touch of homeschool with public virtuals – Public Virtual School Act Bill Includes “Home school” Language

Background on the Chicago Teachers Union Leadership

Iowa Senator Looking for Trouble

An Iowa Senator has been unhappy with the “education reform package” passed through the Iowa legislature and signed by the governor last year.

Senators squabble over state regulation of home schoolers By O. Kay Henderson 

A state senator says a case of apparent child sex abuse in southeast Iowa involving a home schooling family highlights the need to reestablish some kind of oversight of home schoolers.

The education reform package that became law last year got rid of the requirement that home schooling parents register with their local school district. Senator Tom Courtney, a Democrat from Burlington, says that was the wrong move.

Mixing the idea of more home education freedom with child abuse calls all homeschoolers in Illinois or Texas and several other states potential child abusers.  We don’t register with the schools.
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