School of Living

Bangalore’s Times of India posted a great article on Indian unschoolers and other homeschoolers. ┬áNice coverage of each family’s educational customization shown in this piece.

The school of living
By Shrabonti Bagchi

“I found most playschools to be too structured. They have classes and everything, but my daughter didn’t want to do that. She felt hungry and wanted to eat her lunch in the middle of the ‘class’, and she was told she couldn’t do that,” says Chinmayie. The next day, Alaru simply woke up and announced that she wouldn’t like to go back, she said she had more fun at home than at school.”It fits in with our parenting style. The kind of schooling you choose is an extension of your lifestyle and your beliefs. And for us, putting her into an environment where there are so many rules just doesn’t make sense. I have no doubt that she will learn them when they make sense to her, but right now, these rules have no meaning for her,” explains Bhat. “As of now, I don’t see any reason for her to go to school. Her presence at home fits perfectly with our life. It feels just right. I don’t see any other way to live.”

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