Shake ups within HSLDA

I missed the memo, but that's as it should be since I'm not a member and will never be a member.

Spunky had noted HSLDA's endorsement of Governor Huckabee and that Ned Ryun opposed Huckabee.  In reading Ned Ryun's blog, the sidebar said that he was the Director of Generation Joshua.  But he posted yesterday that he is out of HSLDA and he says, "Thank God".

I'm not very surprised to see HSLDA is now all lined up in their endorsement of Huckabee with the departure of Mr. Ryun.

A Spunky blog commenter felt that Ryun has an ax to grind now and that explains his anti-Huckabee attitude.  Ryun and how many homeschoolers with very legitimate reasons for not supporting someone who caters to the NEA?  A presidential candidate who left gubernatorial office in Arkansas with his name on a horrid Arkansas homeschool law? 

I said this commenting to a very passionate Teen4Huckabee on Spunky's blog.  I'll say it again here:

You linked to a HSLDA site and stated the first law passed was "excellent legislation". Reading HSLDA's article, the last bit says this:
"With this legislation, Arkansas was transformed from one of the most restrictive states in the nation into one of the most favorable."

That statement is not true. If homeschoolers across the nation were to list favorable homeschool states, let alone "most favorable states", it would not be a state that demands testing for homeschoolers. If parents want their children tested, that's a different issue and more importantly, a choice.
I don't understand a statement such as this from HSLDA except it lines up with their constant proclamations about how well homeschoolers do on testing. If they keep crowing about this upon introduction of federal legislation that they wrote, they will not do any favors for homeschoolers in states with legislators who want all homeschoolers tested. We don't want Arkansas laws across the nation.

If you can imagine this, here in Illinois , the statute doesn't require testing or even notification that we homeschool. That's what homeschoolers should be striving for so that parents can choose what works best for each one of their children.

If Huckabee had said 'this law is a start and we plan on moving forward for more freedoms for homeschoolers', general homeschool opposition would not be so adamant, I would think. He didn't. He did quite the reverse with the subsequent law.

Check out Spunky's blog as she's keeping updates and has a plethora of links and information to research. I thought I was caught up, but I'm way behind.

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Shake ups within HSLDA — 3 Comments

  1. You are exactly right. There is so much to question…we really need to look at all of these issues to see how the candidates measure up…and to know what to expect should they eventually win. I’m never one for a gamble.

  2. Yeah, Dana, a gamble is what I keep contemplating as I watch these campaigns. I’m wondering if a conservative republican won the presidency and the Democrats were still in power in Congress, that not much could get done? I’d like that. :-)Just not particularly hopeful at this time though.

    I’ve appreciated reading all the comments from homeschoolers on the candidates. I’m encouraged with the free-thinking concerns and discussion about these issues.

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