Signs of Spring

It's another windy day.  Sure sign of a central Illinois spring.  I was just out with my hood up trying to keep up with my 80 year old dad measuring the 1/2 mile field.  (We already  knew it was a half mile, but he wanted to be sure, I guess.)   He showed the tiles and drainage pipes and explained how all the water drains from here to there.  Dad explained that our field had this old tile drain under the road that was hand-built back in the 30's and went over that draw.  I don't know what a draw is, but I like to listen to him talk like that.  

Savoring it.

What are some other signs of spring in Illinois?

Earth Day is coming up on April 22nd.  I want to note that immediately so I don't procrastinate about putting materials together for an Earth Day workshop at our local grade school.  I picked an easy subject this year doing on-line science resources.   We've used research sources on the 'net with meteorology, geology, entomology, classification, migration, and of course, the study of birds. There, now I can say that I have begun putting the rough draft together.  Very rough, but I'll keep at it and I will NOT procrastinate.  

I've surely mentioned a time or two that we did not crack open any science textbooks while studying our great outdoors.  Hands-on worked for us and we filled in holes with various 4-H projects. The boys are planning biology and chemistry classes at our community college next fall.   Our family easily jumped into the Decorah, Iowa area happening up high in a cottonwood tree.  The quality of this nest cam has been incredible and best yet, the eagles don't seem to mind.  

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What has also been a fantastic happening around the family farm here is our silver duckwing pheasant hen decided she wanted to put her champion mama powers in action early this spring.  She started out with 6 eggs (bigger, the better) that I tucked under her on March 15 and what appears to be the last one hatched was today.  She still has one under her, but I don't see any signs of pipping, as with this sweet egg shown below in the Iowa eagle nest.  Decorah 3rd Eaglet    Not as exciting as the Decorah eaglets, but our new chicks and the eaglets share an approximate birthday time and they're prettyEagle Smorgasbord special to us.  Thank goodness chickens don't require the same buffet menu eagles like to keep in stock too.  



Here's some pics of our Illinois babies.



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  1. Great post, and keep savoring those moments with your Dad. Mine is 86 and I'm so blessed to still be listening to his stories! Thanks for submitting to the Carnival of Homeschooling.