Sorry State Financial Affairs Cause Bureaucratic Breakdown

I wonder if bureaucracies fail -and homeschoolers prevail- with the continuation of poor fiscal governmental affairs.

I like how that sounds.  Not our sorry Illinois affairs, but that our bureaucracies are breaking down.  Something does have to give, rather than constantly getting.  Even as many of the involved government employees – real people with real lives and families – must suffer many days of dread and discomfort, I can’t say I’m disturbed to see that some of the Illinois public school bureaucracies are hitting hard times.

There are 56 Regional Offices of Education in Illinois. They are layered between the Illinois State Board of Education and the local public school districts.  One more office created to form a little more red tape.  One more office that looks for ways to drag homeschoolers and other private schools back into the public school $nare. 

This Peoria Journal Star article linked below caught my eye concerning another example of the sorry state of Illinois financial affairs. 

Regional Office repays county debt

"Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing," Brookhart said, quoting Shakespeare’s "Macbeth."

The County Board in June approved a $700,000 line of credit – the minimum necessary to keep the office operating through the end of that month. That vote was not the first on the subject.

Unanimous approval of a $1 million line of credit came in March. Then in May, the county yanked that offer after it was advised the loan was unenforceable, leaving the county no recourse to collect.

The ROE Supt.  was grateful: "We apparently had created a sufficient amount of support that they were willing to go out blazing a new trail. We were just pleased there was such broad-based support from the County Board."

I was surprised at the county government involvement in the public schools’ fiscal problem.  Interesting that the county board chose to serve as bankers, but fiscal responsibility and duty tend to go by the wayside these days. The Blago show prevails in Chicago, if any have doubts about where our money is often funneled

Many ROE officials can stay – for a bit anyway.  The Illinois Virtual School, which was recently moved to the Peoria Regional Office of Education, is safe until the end of August. 

Then, as a final note in the Karen McDonald article:  "it can all start over again in 2011, Brookhart [Peoria Regional Supt] said".

Yes, we can only hope that search for mo’ money will keep them busy.  Then, maybe they won’t be hunting down homeschoolers with Regional Office of Education sponsored daytime curfews (including Peoria), or trying their hardest to register homeschoolers for tracking purposes.  Illinois homeschoolers do not have to register, and many, including me, would say it’s ill-advised to pass along that personal family information.

Taxpayers don’t need that expensive silliness on top of the current public school problems that are within the bounds of Regional Offices of Education.  The  Peoria Regional Office of Education lists the number of registered homeschoolers in their county in their fiscal reports.  Don’t they have anything better to do with the money they barely have?  If the Regional Offices of Education can’t use their services in a better manner within their public school bounds, then maybe it is time to make those layoffs permanent. 

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