Homeschool Teens Don’t Have Sleep Problems Schooled Teens Endure

National Jewish Health posted a press release on their latest sleep study.  Maybe the school powers-that-be will pay attention. Study: Homeschool Students Sleep Better Research supports later start times for high school The Press Release says: DENVER, CO – March 6, 2013 — In the … Continue reading

K-12 Implosion

Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit linked to The Atlantic's October article: The Homeschool Diaries. Reynolds asks: "Is this another foreshock of the coming K-12 implosion?" The Department of Education continues to plod along with a Race to the Top, in similar style to the George Bush/Ted Kennedy … Continue reading

Learning from Homeschool Success

Good school teachers could only be envious of the advantages homeschoolers have in the art of education.  We have a cozy view of our children's interests, strengths and weaknesses.  Solutions to any learning problems can be directly applied in day … Continue reading

Homeschool Numbers Redux

Following the last post about education pros seeking homeschool data, numbers and the involved tests to make that happen – this September 13th Illinois Lincolnwood Review article did not make me cringe and provided useful information.  Homeschool related articles often feel like … Continue reading