Illinois Compulsory Attendance Age Lowered to 6 Years of Age

Memorial Day seems like a strange time to pass important legislation.  Unless you’re in Illinois.  After much debate and opposition from the minority party, the Illinois House passed Senate Bill 1307 calling for  compulsory attendance age to be reduced to 6 years of age. … Continue reading

Romeike Court Hearing Media Review

In Cincinnati, three judges in the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals asked hard questions and heard the Romeike family bid for United States asylum from their home country of Germany.The Obama administration’s Department of Justice opposes the asylum claim that was originally granted … Continue reading

Mandatory Kindergarten is Not About the Children

Senator Kimberly Lightford wants mandatory kindergarten for our Illinois children.  She has a bill waiting to be voted on by the entire Senate that will lower compulsory attendance age to 5 years of age from 7.  Her website says this: … Continue reading

Senate Bill Lowering Compulsory Attendance Age in Education Committee

Assistant Senate Majority Leader Lightford's bill proposal [SB 1307] lowers the compulsory school attendance age to 5 years of age from 7.  It has moved to the Education Committee.  State Senator Obama's replacement tried this twice before.  That lack of success hasn't deterred … Continue reading