Inspecting a Car is not the Same as Inspecting Our Children

  From Pennsylvania: Homeschoolers have to be monitored By Jonathan Zimmerman Under Pennsylvania law, I have to get my family's cars inspected every year. I can't say I enjoy it – especially when my mechanic finds my aging minivan needs … Continue reading

Carnival of Homeschooling

Putting together the Carnival of Homeschooling has always been a great pleasure for me.  Discovering new blogs always provides more food for thought from our diverse and unique homeschool community.  The common theme we have is homeschooling and finding the … Continue reading


 The Ranger Online had this article header below that tends to make me cringe when I see the "value of cultural enclaves" being taught in an academic class: Open house showcases sociology courses, careers Classes teach value of pluralism, cultural enclaves in society  I did … Continue reading