Thinking Outside the Education Box

That box consisting of an institutional classroom with desks and chairs facing forward towards 'the boss' is becoming obsolete.  Let's not forget growing use and apparent need for the Resource Officers in the current sad school climate. Thank goodness there are … Continue reading

Testing Homeschool Knowledge

Our home educated kids get quizzed on math problems at Sunday orThanksgiving dinner in most disproportionate numbers compared to their public schooled friends and family.  Fortunately, homeschoolers tend to be wonderfully social animals and we politely deal with the rudeness. … Continue reading

Who is this Expert?

I must find him.  Christopher Lubienski – University of Illinois Associate Professor – Education Policy, Educational Organization and Leadership.  From an AFP ( L’Agence France-Presse) Sept 6 article: Christopher Lubienski, an expert in alternative education at the University of Illinois, said … Continue reading

The Stealthy War

During the trailer for a documentary – The War on Kids, John Gatto says this about the particular institution and its culture: "If you wanted to invent a mechanism to drive people insane, I mean literally insane, that's the system you would … Continue reading