Conflicted Educators Homeschool

Fortunately, there are wonderful alternatives to public and private schools wrapping their budgets and curriculum around the latest new thang – the federalized Common Core initiatives.  One New York principal understands the conflict, as schools are losing their own controls … Continue reading

Homeschooling in the Education Debate

An up-state New York radio station talks about homeschooling, as related to the Education Scene.  The home education lifestyle doesn’t compare to a public school classroom, while the powers-that-be are paying attention to the entire money issue. How does homeschooling … Continue reading

Laughable Reasons to Keep Homeschoolers Out

I had to laugh when I read the Buffalo News article about New York's Iroquois School Board policy decision to exclude homeschoolers from their public school activities.  I'm a bit ambivalent about mixing the two in my state – noting that too … Continue reading