German Family’s Federal Court Appeal Hearing in April

Music teachers, Uwe and Hannelore Romeike, want to homeschool their children.  In the United States, potential homeschoolers  seek out our state homeschooling rights and responsibilities and follow them in order to homeschool.  Romeikes would prefer their children were educated in … Continue reading

Education Innovator Seeks Homeschooling Answers

Open minded and seeking answers, Jessica Smock, a Boston University doctoral candidate in education policy. has been discussing and learning about homeschooling since she posted her mid-January blog question: 10 Thoughts about Homeschooling by an Educator (And Why I’m Still Worried) Please … Continue reading

Off the Grid

The Kellogg family of 14 now follows kayak trails and events across the country with the use of a 35 foot RV on the road. The video below makes me smile and brings back mom memories deciphering the chaotic levels … Continue reading

K-12 Implosion

Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit linked to The Atlantic's October article: The Homeschool Diaries. Reynolds asks: "Is this another foreshock of the coming K-12 implosion?" The Department of Education continues to plod along with a Race to the Top, in similar style to the George Bush/Ted Kennedy … Continue reading