A Strange Twist – Expelled from Public School for Homeschooling

An Oklahoma parent (Noddy) posted a Daily Kos article stating in the first sentence she was a “secret homeschooler”.  That seemed odd to me in that particular state. Oklahoma has private school laws similar to Illinois, maybe even better.  Minimal language is … Continue reading

One Spelling Bee Contestant Who Won’t Stress

My husband sent this my way as we both appreciated this young lady doesn't like to waste time.  She knows how to spell, but she has lots of other issues to contemplate: How Do You Spell Precocious? 6-Year-Old Spelling Bee … Continue reading

Family’s Great Adventures – The Places They’ve Been, The People They’ll See

Who needs attachment parent explainin' from the likes of Time magazine and their marketing skills?  Parents who like hanging out with their kids understand how this works.  (Even though there have been wonderful responses from logical people.) From the Post and … Continue reading

Carnival of Homeschooling – Passages

2011 will be our family's last full year of homeschooling. Our youngest have steadily moved into their own educational goals and motivations.  Their plan was always implanted with great fun such as zoo adventures, jamming with friends and traveling.  Definitely … Continue reading