Comfort Level

  Interesting discovery from the Enertia Home Kit people concerning their clients who want a sustainable home: A surprising number of homeowners were home schooling; all of these among our clients who were either contracting the home themselves, or actually building … Continue reading


One of the benefits of homeschooling is not contending with school bullying.  Not to say that bullying doesn't exist elsewhere.  It does.  But school bullying is a legislated and policy wonk expectation that is brutal and tragic.  Anyone who is 'different'  is … Continue reading

Homeschooling as a Microtrend or Major Trend?

I'd love to hear your thoughts, if you all haven't given up on my little blog.   I'm not keeping up with my blogging, as much as I'd like to since paying jobs, 4-H, helping edit our town's history quarterly and … Continue reading

Inspecting a Car is not the Same as Inspecting Our Children

  From Pennsylvania: Homeschoolers have to be monitored By Jonathan Zimmerman Under Pennsylvania law, I have to get my family's cars inspected every year. I can't say I enjoy it – especially when my mechanic finds my aging minivan needs … Continue reading