Making Educational Choices Work – Regarding Homeschooling

I like Wisconsin's Evangeline Dhawan's letter to the editor posted in the Pierce County Herald.  There are many families who don't realize other educational  alternatives are possible.   Letter: Nothing wrong with exploring alternatives to public school, she says TO THE EDITOR: The … Continue reading

An Evening with the Illinois Homeschool PAC

Members of the Illinois Homeschool PAC Advisory Board will be in Canton to meet with local homeschoolers and to make a special award presentation. All local home educators are invited to attend!

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Illinois Homeschoolers Don’t Need IDs from the Schools

Illinois' Boone County Board is contemplating a truancy ordinance [Ordinance pdf is linked on the right sidebar].  They like to call it a truancy ordinance, but it's more accurate to call it a daytime curfew.   Last fall, Boone/Winnebago County Regional … Continue reading

This Will be Fun – Being a Stylish Blogger

I'm ready for fun and tired of reading depressing sorts of legal shmegle stuff.  Illinois has Wisconsin legislators here and Indiana legislators there and some of our Illinois legislators are WAY too busy in our Capitol of Springfield.   So, I'm … Continue reading