What is suspicion when it comes to checking on homeschoolers

"The real question is determining the authority to inquire what is reasonable cause of truancy and what is suspicion when it comes to checking on homeschoolers," Maloney said. That was a quote from the Illinois Review's interview with Senator Maloney.  … Continue reading

This Will be Fun – Being a Stylish Blogger

I'm ready for fun and tired of reading depressing sorts of legal shmegle stuff.  Illinois has Wisconsin legislators here and Indiana legislators there and some of our Illinois legislators are WAY too busy in our Capitol of Springfield.   So, I'm … Continue reading

Homeschool Registration Proponents Hit Slump

By the time this hearing was over, Senator Maloney appeared exhausted and defeated.  We shall see.  Because it ain't over till it's over. Illinois home school registration bill draws crowd State Journal-Register Families from all over Illinois mobbed the Capitol … Continue reading

State Illinois Senator Wants to Register Private Schools

Chicago's 18th District Senator Edward Maloney has introduced SB 136, a bill to register all private and non-public students annually.  This proposal changes the Illinois compulsory attendance exemption to this below.  The changes are noted with **: Sec. 26-1. Compulsory … Continue reading