Illinois Homeschool Issues

Karen Campbell invited me to speak at the annual Treasures of a Mother's Heart Retreat last fall.  The retreat and lunch were lovely, as well as the intelligent and kind company.  I had the pleasure of meeting Karen and other delightful, enlightened homeschoolers a couple … Continue reading

Illinois Kindergarten Should Be Parental Choice, Not the Chicago Way

Kindergarten, Not Second Grade, Could Be Starting Point For IL Schools | Chicago Tonight | WTTW WTTW‘s Michael Lipkin interviewed the Senate Education Committee‘s Vice Chair, Assistant Majority Leader and Chicago Senator Kimberly Lightford. The time was mostly spent covering the revived SB … Continue reading

Senate Bill Lowering Compulsory Attendance Age in Education Committee

Assistant Senate Majority Leader Lightford's bill proposal [SB 1307] lowers the compulsory school attendance age to 5 years of age from 7.  It has moved to the Education Committee.  State Senator Obama's replacement tried this twice before.  That lack of success hasn't deterred … Continue reading