The Illinois Education Tax Credit Rehash

Not much has changed since I wrote this post about the Illinois Education Tax Credit.  Except Illinois is even more broke(n) and our legislators are looking around for some more revenue (taxes/fees).  When our newly retired Senator Maloney presented a … Continue reading

Watching Some Bills – Ed Reform in Illinois

Several of us involved with the Illinois Homeschool PAC have been noting some legislation making its way through the Capitol.  As the custom goes in Illinois, the backroom deals are where you want the glass against the wall listening in. … Continue reading

What is suspicion when it comes to checking on homeschoolers

"The real question is determining the authority to inquire what is reasonable cause of truancy and what is suspicion when it comes to checking on homeschoolers," Maloney said. That was a quote from the Illinois Review's interview with Senator Maloney.  … Continue reading

We Need Fiscal Accountability in Illinois, Not More Demands from the State

The current and majorly concerning issue in the Illinois homeschool community is the attempt – by Chicago Senator Maloney's introduction of SB 136 – to pull all private schools into the public school realm by requiring non-public school children's parents … Continue reading