Illinois Homeschool PAC Endorsements

If you're in Illinois, please check the Illinois Homeschool PAC endorsements out before you vote tomorrow.  Hopefully you checked them already before an early vote. Visit the PAC website to see if your candidate(s) completed our 2012 election questionnaire.  One … Continue reading

Boiling Frogs

Many of us have heard the boiling frog metaphor.  If you place a frog in a pot of room temperature water turning the heat on low, it will sit contentedly. The frog will further enjoy its hot bath until without resistance, … Continue reading

Illinois Homeschool Political Action Committee

So this is a conversation that might have occurred in our household recently.  Susan- Patrick, We need to use Sharee Langenstein's services! Patrick (a little leery when the wife calls him Patrick and not Hey) – Isn't Sharee a lawyer … Continue reading